Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Profile of a MechaZombie

[11 x slideshows above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

FINAL FIGURE: Shown above is the "chase" edition of MechaZombie - numbering "00". If you decide to go for the "blind box" option, you have a chance to score this figure randomly! But if you decide to choose a number from #1 to #10, then this option is unavailable to you.

No note that the icons at the back of the Toasterboy-heads are all different! For "00", it's a skull-n-crossbones, for others, they are different icons! As for what they are, well, that's all part of the "surprise" :)

Figures in the MechaZombie Series One are articulated at two points; the articulated arms.

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