Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MechaZombie One Sale NOW!

UPDATED: Sales have since CLOSED.


MECHAZOMBIES are now available for sale online on the TOYSREVIL Shop! Priced at US$80 per (sans shipping) hand-made and hand-painted Toasterboy figure, they come with the following:

- Limited to 11 x MechaZombies only made
- Score a “Chase MechaZombie” Numbered “00”
- Comes witn Fabric Patch with same numbering as the MechaZombie figure
- Comes in a hnad-made box
- Toasterboys created by Mongar Toys
- All are hand-made & hand-painted editions

First Come First Served!

IMG_1959 IMG_1960

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Profile of a MechaZombie

[11 x slideshows above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

FINAL FIGURE: Shown above is the "chase" edition of MechaZombie - numbering "00". If you decide to go for the "blind box" option, you have a chance to score this figure randomly! But if you decide to choose a number from #1 to #10, then this option is unavailable to you.

No note that the icons at the back of the Toasterboy-heads are all different! For "00", it's a skull-n-crossbones, for others, they are different icons! As for what they are, well, that's all part of the "surprise" :)

Figures in the MechaZombie Series One are articulated at two points; the articulated arms.

Battle Patches

[5 x slideshows above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

PATCHES: As you can see from the slideshow above, each figurine comes with an embroidered fabric patch with the corresponding number seen on the side of the MechaZombie's head. I had wanted a sense of "owner/toy-cohesion" with the patch, likened to YOU "battling alongside" MechaZombie to save humanity!

Drapped over the figure in the box, Erwin likens the box to be a "coffin" for the figures, and I reckon the badge draped over it looks like a "flag" hahahaha (now, THAT, will be another concept for another toy under this banner ;p).

Hand-Made Packaging Boxes

[5 x slideshows above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

HAND-MADE BOXES: These are literal hand-made boxes, with "rivets" down the side, and a viewing port up above, covered in textured black paper and hand-brished with silver-grey paint, with each box different from each other. Pretty remarkable, I insist - and provides a swell finishing touch to what we dare call a "hand-made" product!

11 x boxes in total for 10 x figures numbered 01-10, and as well the box which holds the chase figure numbering "00". Of course these boxes will be packed within another post-box, for deliveries ! (No, I'm not wrapping this is juts plain brown-paper and slapping a stamp on it! LOL

Magnetic Personality: Detachable Articulated Limbs

Did you know that both arms for the figure are detachable? And that they are connected to the body via magnets?

MechaZombie Army Awaiting Orders!

[12 x slideshows above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

AN-ARMY-AWAITS: C'mon, who doesn't like group/army shots! All MechaZombies hand-painted and ready for final touches, and for their hands to be added (they are detachable and held together to the body via magnets!). Hell yeah, I want to keep an entire army of them! But nope, they are all for YOU!

The finished version will see the "ZOMBIE" side glossy (like yummy fresh flesh oozing), while the "MECHA" side will be finished in a matte surface. Hey, these are battlefield hardened characters, not "fresh-off-the mecha-making assembly-line" yeh? (We'll save that for another series, maybe :p)

Painting MechaZombies

[5 x slideshows above]

PAINTING LIMBS: Like discarded soldiers, their limbs lie across the battlefield …. nah, these be the limbs of MechaZombie after paintwork and waiting to dry. Yes, this is "hand-made" and "hand-painted" for YOU! With each individual figure likened to a customized toy, this MechaZombie will be the bomb!

Also notice some icons on the "hands" - they will match the icons at the back of the heads (in the "Mecha" region) with the 10 x figures featuring different icons/markings!

Grinding MechaZombies

[4 x slideshows above]

READY2GRIND: Resin casted Toasterboys ready to undergo grinding under the skillful hands of Erwin The Mongar, creator of Toasterboys!

[16 x slideshows above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

GRINDING-MECHAZOMBIES: Each individual screw is attached by hand, each figure is hand-grinded by Erwin. It does not get more "hand-made" by this! The man is a monster! wwhhiiirrrrrrrrrr*

[10 x slideshows above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

GRINDED: And the MechaZombie Army is now ready to roll.


The man who would be Toasterboy-maker, with a saw to his temple no doubt from his tireless rampage with the MechaZombies - Don't Do It, Bro! There Be More Figures To Be Made! … ere… I meant; "We Don't Want You TO Leave Us!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Patch Is Done!


The final embroidered cloth patch! Courtesy of Erwin's final graphics, the patch is done and ready for action! Why the number "00"? Tis for me and Erwin (and anything beyond that, it'll be giving the "fun" a little bit too soon ;p) and the "fun" we will have with it :p