Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Patching Me Into HQ!

Each figure will come with it's own fabric patch! Each patch will feature a sequential number coinciding with the resin figure.

I've always wanted to have the toy coincide with the owner - so the MechaZombie in-your-hand "belongs" to you, literally! And YOU are along for the struggle alongside your mecha!

The above are my roughs (I wanted a design combo of both elements of Mongar Toys and TOYSREVIL), but I depended on Erwin to finish up the final designs -here are some samples! And we'd decided to go with "Survive.Mecha.Zombie" as I had wanted this release to be the "first stage", and not the all-encompassing badge as yet ...

The next-to-final design (with text-change mentioned above):

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