Saturday, April 2, 2011

In The Beginning

The day the Earth fell to the unnamed Alien Invaders and the
Zombie Plague unleashed by them, the human race hide amongst the
mountains of the world. And with the armies of man perished in the
war, and manpower dwindling, the remaining mortals had only one chance
to continue the fight - they turn to their scientists to reanimate the
zombie-undead by fusing them unto walking-exo-machines! And now the
cyborg MECHA ZOMBIE TOASTERBOY ARMY fights for mankind!

Erwin of Mongar Toys had wanted to do a MechaZombie, and I knew I had wanted to do a story / premise that anchors the concept, and perhaps is a start to the subsequent storyline which will produce more characters and figures. I am not looking at one-off releases, I am looking at products that are all part of a greater story, a lore of epic proportions that ties in to the releases. Also, I know I want to have fun with what we come out with, so here we have the very first custom-release planned: MECHAZOMBIE TOASTERBOYS!

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